Happy New Year!

Hello everyone! Happy New Year! We hope all of you brought in the New Year safely.

We have so many new things coming Top Santa Letters this year. We will be adding new letters,  more backgrounds and lots of new products. We are so excited to also offer packages this year!  After almost a year of researching different items to sell in our packages we have finally decided what to add this year. Some of the items I am most excited about are the Limited Edition Authentic Santa Suit Pieces, Heavy brass Rudolph bells and Santa’s Official Sleigh Licenses. We put a lot of time into how to make each item of the highest quality. We also wanted most items to be as hand made. After buying multiple samples of packages the last few years we both felt it was many were “commercial” like. A lot of the items seemed processed in bulk and we wanted to stay away from that. I will be posting updates throughout the year about the new products as we put them together and all.

Thank you so much to all of those that supported us in 2011!! We appreciate all of you who spread the word, bought Santa letters from our site or gave feedback. We reached our goal, learned a lot and feel in love with the Christmas season all over again. We love helping keep the magic of Santa alive and bringing Christmas joy to kids all over.

Till next time,

Elf Kristina.


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