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New Item- Rudolph Bell

May 28, 2012

We have over 10 new items from the North Pole this year. Elf Bob and I have been working very closely with the head Elves in Santa’s workshop and we’ve just put the finishing touches on a lot of our new items and just couldn’t wait to share! These new items are ones that Santa usually gives to the  top  100 children on the Good List but this year he has decided to share his new goodies with all the kids on the Good List! How exciting!!

Santa knows that almost everyone’s favorite reindeer is Rudolph. There is even a song just for him! Rudolph loves the spotlight and Santa loves to spoil him so this new item for this year is dedicated to the most spoiled reindeer there was, Rudolph.  Santa wanted those children who truly believe in Santa with all their heart to be able to have a part of the real Christmas magic and Rudolph’s sleigh bells are the key holders to some of the most precious Christmas magic there is. Only true believers of Santa can hear the ring of the bell. Although Santa keeps all the old reindeer bells, only Rudolph’s bells hold the sound of Christmas cheer.  Order a Rudolph Bell for your child today!

Rudolph Bell

Order an authentic Rudolph sleigh bell with leather strap. Hang bell on Christmas tree or put away as a keepsake. Your child will be glowing when they put the bell to their ear and hear the magical sound of Christmas ringing back. Only true believers can hear the magic ring of Rudolph’s bell. Limited quantity! Rudolph Bell makes a great addition to any letter from Santa.

  • Comes in red gift box
  • heavyweight brass sleigh bell
  • Includes story card
  • Topped with an exclusive sticker made by Rudolph
P.S. Can you guys believe there are only 210 days till Christmas? Holy Snowman, that’s coming up quick!
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