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New Item- Reindeer Feed

June 3, 2012

Flying all the way around the world in one night has to be super exhausting for the reindeer! Thankfully Mrs. Claus found the perfect mixture to keep the reindeer in full spirits through the flight. Santa had to decide the easiest way to keep the reindeer energized without weighing down his sleigh. He decided there was no better way than to get help from the nicest kids in the whole wide world. Santa created the stickers, Mrs. Claus perfected the feed and now your child can be one of the lucky ones who helps feed the reindeer.

These tins of reindeer feed make a great addition to any Santa package. Your child will definitely feel rewarded for their good behavior when they know they have personally helped Santa deliver all the presents to the good girls and boys.

Reindeer Feed

Christmas Gift

Mrs. Claus helped a lot with the magic reindeer feed. She found that these extra magical Christmas tree flakes really give the reindeer that extra boost when they really need it. This magical feed helps the reindeer fly. Rather than Santa carrying around loads of Reindeer oats, he decided to send some snack sizes for the reindeer to some special good boys and girls to sprinkle on their yard. Our Magic Reindeer Feed comes in a collectible tin that can be saved or reused. The labels were designed with the help of Elf Ike and are an exclusive of Santa’s workshop.

  • Magic Reindeer feed
  • Contains Christmas tree flakes
  • Comes in collector’s tin
  • Contains oats
  • Stickers handcrafted by Santa
  • $5.95
This is just one of the items we sell! We have personalized letters from Santa and many Santa packages.
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