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New Christmas Gifts from the North Pole

August 18, 2012

Can you believe that school is back in already?!  That means you can pre-order a letter from Santa in just 43 days! Santa always uses this time as a mark to “step it up” in the workshop. He knows that Christmas is just around the corner and there is a lot to do! We’ve been busy here in our workshop too and now we’re releasing more Christmas gift items! Did you know that you can add our items to any Gift Box from Santa?  It’s something new, only our workshop does! Santa gave us extra Christmas cookies when we told him about it.

Check out our new items below.

Piece of Santa’s Suit

Mrs. Claus started the tradition of making Santa a new suit every Christmas Eve years and years ago. Santa’s closet is over flowing with all of the suits so he’s decided to give pieces of them away to children on the Good List as a reminder that he is real and to be good all year long. With only a limited number of pieces available, these beautiful, exclusive pieces of Santa’s red velvety suit are moving quickly. Each piece of Santa’s suit is displayed on a handcrafted background with a gold authenticity number label at the top and is settled in a hard plastic 5×7 sleeve. Each piece has traveled all around the world and is a genuine swatch of Santa Claus’s suit worn on Christmas Eve in a past year! Order a Piece of Santa’s suit for your child today!

Order an Authentic Piece of Santa’s Suit for your child today.

  • Includes authenticity number label
  • Exclusive item – only 357 available!
  • Includes story about suit on back
  • Great keepsake

Christmas Fun Bands

Santa’s Elves wanted children to know that although they work hard, they still know how to have fun and be silly. These Christmas fun band bracelets are fun to add to any letter from Santa  or gift box from Santa. Kids will have fun trading these gifts from the Elves.

Order Christmas Fun Bands Now.

  • Packaged by the Elves
  • Each pack contains 3 different silly band bracelets
  • Fun to trade with friends

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