About Us

Top Santa Letters is a website run by two of  Santa’s Elves, Elf Kristina and Elf Bob. Together we are some of Santa’s many helpers who put together Santa packages, keep up with the Good List, and deliver personalized Letters from Santa. We took the Elf oath to always spread good cheer,  keep the Santa magic alive and to help create top notch gifts from the North Pole.

What is www.topsantaletters.com?

Top Santa Letters is a magical site that helps parents,  help elves,  help Santa. There are over 2.2 billion kids in the world and Santa needs  help from his believers to keep the magic of Santa alive. Santa has toys to build and lists to check, so he gets us to help him out.  While there are some other Santa Letter websites out there, Elf Kristina and Elf Bob have paid extra special attention to Santa’s favorite children.  They have put together packages that usually only Santa’s top children receive and offer them to ANY child on the Good List!! This is a FIRST! Now all the good boys and girls can receive some of Santa’s secret presents.

Start a tradition this Christmas by creating your child a personalized letter from Santa. Our letters are 100% unique and contain at least 5 personalization entries and is completely editable. Our personalized letters from Santa are printed on top quality ivory paper, signed by Santa, and mailed in a green envelope with gold labels addressed to your child.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, comments or feedback.



Merry Christmas!

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