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How to Approach the “Santa May Not Be Real” Stage with Your Child

December 12, 2015


Christmas can be a wonderful time of year when your children are little! Then they hit that age when they start questioning whether Santa is real or not. This can be an awkward time for the both of you! As much as you do not want the magic to end for them, this can open a whole different opportunity in the way you celebrate Christmas!

One of the best things to do as a parent is to remind your child what Christmas is really about. There can still be a Santa for them as long as they have love in their heart for all those around them. Remind them that Santa is not only for the young, but also the old. For the older people, he is not a person, but is instead a feeling deep in their heart. He stands for the love that people feel for each other – he stands for the magic that is in the air at Christmas!

Also remind them that Santa represents everything that they should strive to be. He represents traits such as love, happiness, unselfishness and above all, the desire to share all of these things with the people that surround him. Most importantly, let your children know that Santa is not just present at Christmas time, but rather something that can be kept in their heart year round.

One of the best ways to convey this idea with your child is to write them a Christmas letter that explains all of this. The letter is a great way to put down your feelings of the importance of Christmas and the meaning behind Santa. The letter will be something that your child will cherish. It might even become a source of comfort to them when they are older.

Once the secret is out start getting them involved in community things where they can be Santa for a needy family. Also, let them be a part of playing Santa in with the family. This will help to strengthen the idea of the true meaning of Christmas with them and they will begin to see how Santa really works.

And even though a child may not believe in Santa anymore, there is nothing wrong with still keeping his spirit alive. Still give them a present from “Santa” and when they look at you, deny that you had anything to do with it. They may know better, but it will still keep the magic of Santa from completely leaving!

Top 10 Ways to Include Older Siblings in the Santa Experience

November 1, 2015

Christmas is a magical time of year. The children are excited to be visited by Santa and cannot help but wonder what he will bring them. However, for the older siblings Christmas might have lost a little magic. They have reached that age where they realize that Santa isn’t a real person, but that can create some wonderful opportunities to include in the Santa experience.


  1. Remind the older siblings what Santa represents. That he may not be a real person, but his spirit of giving, love, and wanting to help mankind is what Christmas is all about. Enlist their help in a service project that brings toys to needy children who may not get a visit from Santa that year.
  2. Include them on Christmas Eve with playing Santa. Let them help with simple things like filling the stockings and wrapping Santa’s presents.
  3. Have them sprinkle fake snow around the house and the trudge through it in oversize boots to make Santa footprints. The little ones will love waking up and seeing that Santa has been there, and the older one will enjoy making the prints.
  4. Let them eat some of Santa’s cookies and drink some of the milk. Also have them nibble on the carrots to make it look as though the reindeer munched on them.
  5. Have them write a thank you note from Santa for the milk, cookies, and carrots. Leave that note out for the little ones to see on Christmas morning. These little personalized letters from Santa will mean the world to their younger siblings.
  6. If you have a fun holiday tradition, like hiding a pickle ornament on the tree for the kids to find that morning, let the older ones help with it.
  7. Encourage them to still write a letter to Santa. Having them write a Christmas letter to Santa will show the little ones that even though they’re older, that they still believe in Santa and it helps to keep the magic alive.
  8. Let them assist with choosing a present from Santa to give to their younger siblings.
  9. Have them leave out something small that Santa forgot, like a key or mitten, for the younger children to find.
  10. Have them go outside, and with their fists, make reindeer prints in the snow.

Allowing older children to apart of the Santa experience will help to keep Christmas magical for the younger siblings while letting the older one enjoy a more grownup version. Doing this will start to create new and fun ways to celebrate Christmas.

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Fun fall activities for families with young children

October 7, 2014

The sudden chill in the air and leaves changing colors signal that fall has arrived. Older kids are back in school, where they’ll enjoy fall decorations and study the Pilgrims’ role in American history, but what about little ones at home? Even very young children realize that fall is a time of change. Why not plan some fun fall family activities? For young children, three fun categories can provide hours of activities.

Fun with fruits and vegetables

Little girl in an apple garden

Exploring the plants of fall provides tactile activities that help young children learn. They can see, taste, smell and touch nature’s bounty and, in the process, learn about what their ancestors ate and how they lived. Many communities have farms that open to visitors this time of year, with corn mazes and pumpkin patches to roam. Picking apples at a local farm can be lots of fun as well. If the family gathers more than is needed for home, excess can be dropped off at a local homeless shelter, providing another chance for children to learn about how others live and the value of helping those in need.

Decorating the house

Little girl holds garaland of orange leaves in room with pumpkin

A day at home can be spent gathering pretty, colorful leaves, drawing patterns on them and taping them inside windows. Making a scarecrow with old clothes and other castaway items found in the garage is a fun rainy-day activity. Children can use pumpkins, apples, pine cones and other fall items to decorate the house with their own personal touch. They can draw funny faces on pumpkins and carve them, with an adult’s supervision. Very young children can “help” by gathering the pulp for a pie as an adult carves the pumpkin. Pine cones become decorative “owls” by gluing on googly eyes and felt feet and beaks. Children can paint a fall tree picture using wine corks dipped in red, yellow, orange and brown paint.

Preserving the memories

Halloween pumpkin cut out of paper lying on the tableYoung children enjoy remembering the fun experiences they’ve had. As they participate in their fun fall activities, they can gather items for a “fall memory book” that they can put together and enjoy all year. Colored construction paper stapled or taped together makes a great book that children can use for pasting leaves and prints of pictures from all their fun activities.


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Getting ready for the Season

September 4, 2011

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