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New Christmas Gifts from the North Pole

August 18, 2012

Can you believe that school is back in already?!  That means you can pre-order a letter from Santa in just 43 days! Santa always uses this time as a mark to “step it up” in the workshop. He knows that Christmas is just around the corner and there is a lot to do! We’ve been busy here in our workshop too and now we’re releasing more Christmas gift items! Did you know that you can add our items to any Gift Box from Santa?  It’s something new, only our workshop does! Santa gave us extra Christmas cookies when we told him about it.

Check out our new items below.

Piece of Santa’s Suit

Mrs. Claus started the tradition of making Santa a new suit every Christmas Eve years and years ago. Santa’s closet is over flowing with all of the suits so he’s decided to give pieces of them away to children on the Good List as a reminder that he is real and to be good all year long. With only a limited number of pieces available, these beautiful, exclusive pieces of Santa’s red velvety suit are moving quickly. Each piece of Santa’s suit is displayed on a handcrafted background with a gold authenticity number label at the top and is settled in a hard plastic 5×7 sleeve. Each piece has traveled all around the world and is a genuine swatch of Santa Claus’s suit worn on Christmas Eve in a past year! Order a Piece of Santa’s suit for your child today!

Order an Authentic Piece of Santa’s Suit for your child today.

  • Includes authenticity number label
  • Exclusive item – only 357 available!
  • Includes story about suit on back
  • Great keepsake

Christmas Fun Bands

Santa’s Elves wanted children to know that although they work hard, they still know how to have fun and be silly. These Christmas fun band bracelets are fun to add to any letter from Santa  or gift box from Santa. Kids will have fun trading these gifts from the Elves.

Order Christmas Fun Bands Now.

  • Packaged by the Elves
  • Each pack contains 3 different silly band bracelets
  • Fun to trade with friends

Top Santa Letters offers personalized letters from Santa and Gift Boxes from Santa. All orders include FREE shipping! All orders also include FREE activity sheets and Christmas stickers. Order your letter from Santa today!


Christmas Day Countdown- 135 Days Left

August 11, 2012

As of today there are only 135 days till Christmas! That time of year to order letters from Santa is growing closer and closer. What better way to kick off the  holiday season with a personalized gift for your child!? Your child will be amazed when they receive the red or green Gift Box from Santa that is addressed to them specifically in gold labels! Each Santa letter or package order includes FREE shipping, Christmas activity sheets and stickers.

You can use this Christmas Day Countdown to know how many days left till Christmas Eve!

Starting October 1, we will be taking pre-orders for your letter from Santa. Our items are very exclusive and sell out rapidly. Join our mailing list to get the latest updates and specials!


What’s new this Christmas Season 2012

August 3, 2012

Ordering a letter from Santa is now easier than ever. We’ve been working diligently to make our order process and checkout as easy as can be. We’ve kept our customers in mind every step of the way.

We have Santa letters that fit any child. We’ve added new backgrounds and letter templates including a Classroom letter for teachers, Baby’s first Christmas letter and a letter that starts with 12 personalizations for those children who are may doubt that Santa Claus is real.

You can now order one of our gift boxes from Santa! Our packages start at just $12.95 and include FREE shipping, FREE Christmas stickers and FREE Christmas activity sheets with every order. We offer 13 exclusive items that are sure to wow any child! Packages are shipped in a dark green box and include gold labels addressed to your child.

There are so many exciting aspects about our packages that make them the most upscale available.

  •    You can order for more than one child in the same transaction.
  •    Now you can send to multiple addresses in same order
  •    Our items sold individually. Only at Top Santa Letters can gift items be purchased individually.
  •    Add or take away items from package. Another first that only Top Santa Letters  offers!
  •    Items not mass produced- Some of our items are so rare they are only found on our site!

Order a Gift Box from Santa now! 

Gift Box from Santa comparsion

Amaze your child with a one -of -a- kind Santa letter or Gift Box from Santa now, at  Top Santa Letters


Christmas Gifts from Santa

July 30, 2012

We’re over the halfway mark to Christmas! It’s just around the corner. Santa Claus has been working on Christmas gifts for the children on the Good List all year. We’ve been releasing new products here and there throughout the year as each new gift reaches perfection. Below are more gifts from Santa that are sure to amaze your child! Any of these items and many more can be added to your personalized letter or gift box from Santa . Our Santa letters start at just $9.95 and Gift Boxes from Santa start at $12.95. All orders include Free shipping. Christmas activity sheets and Christmas stickers are included in each purchase while supplies last.

Comet the reindeer really wanted to shine when Santa was deciding what to include in his packages so he let him create this “Santa stop here” door hanger specifically for all the good boys and girls. He even included a picture of himself next to Blizzard the snowman. Santa loved the design and will know your child has been really good this year when he sees this hanging on their door.       

Santa Stop Here Door Hanger

Santa stop here door hanger

Your child works hard every year helping with the Christmas tree decorations. Each one is placed in a specific, well thought out spot, and hung on the tree with pride. Your child will light up when they receive a “Best Decorated Christmas Tree” ribbon sent to them by Santa Claus. What an achievement! The ribbon can be hung on your Christmas tree or kept safe as an award. With our exclusive design, your child will know for sure that their Christmas tree decorating job is truly the best.

 Christmas Tree Ribbon


We still have more Christmas gifts from Santa that we will be showing soon! Stay tuned!

For more information check out topsantaletters


New Items- Pre-Flight Checklist and Signed Photo of Santa

July 7, 2012

Santa knew the time would come to provide more evidence than ever of his existence but he always hoped children’s belief in him would be strong enough. Sadly, the time has come for Santa to give the children the proof they’re  after. Every year Santa sends special gifts to some of the kids at the very top of the Good List. Each item is made in the North Pole and is packed full of Christmas spirit. Santa usually reserves these items for the best children but he knows that making these gifts available to ALL the children on the Good List is a great way to provide the proof needed.

This year Santa is introducing his Pre-Flight Checklist. He uses this special list to make sure everything is prepared for the big flight on Christmas Eve. Santa is so busy running around preparing that he sometimes loses his list… ok, a lot of times! Thankfully there are always extras made. Santa is known to drop his list in packages as he’s putting them together. Maybe your child will be lucky enough to get one of these beautifully printed Pre- Flight checklist that is checked off in Green ink by Santa.

Pre- Flight Checklist

Santa package

And another new item! Santa has a new signed photo this year that he is making available to all the children on the Good List. One of his favorite parts about being Santa is that he gets to do the final check of the Good List each year. It always pleases him to see the same names every year along with all the new good children that have been added. He loves making toys for the good children and just knows that anyone who receives this signed picture of him will cherish it for many years to come.

Order a signed 4×6 photo of Santa checking the Good List. Our photos are glossy prints and have an authentic look.

Signed Photo of Santa

We have more new items coming. Santa is putting the last touches on some of his favorite things and then he’ll release them. We are so excited to be a part of it all! Christmas is such a special time and of course our favorite holiday!

Order a letter from Santa today!


New Item- Reindeer Feed

June 3, 2012

Flying all the way around the world in one night has to be super exhausting for the reindeer! Thankfully Mrs. Claus found the perfect mixture to keep the reindeer in full spirits through the flight. Santa had to decide the easiest way to keep the reindeer energized without weighing down his sleigh. He decided there was no better way than to get help from the nicest kids in the whole wide world. Santa created the stickers, Mrs. Claus perfected the feed and now your child can be one of the lucky ones who helps feed the reindeer.

These tins of reindeer feed make a great addition to any Santa package. Your child will definitely feel rewarded for their good behavior when they know they have personally helped Santa deliver all the presents to the good girls and boys.

Reindeer Feed

Christmas Gift

Mrs. Claus helped a lot with the magic reindeer feed. She found that these extra magical Christmas tree flakes really give the reindeer that extra boost when they really need it. This magical feed helps the reindeer fly. Rather than Santa carrying around loads of Reindeer oats, he decided to send some snack sizes for the reindeer to some special good boys and girls to sprinkle on their yard. Our Magic Reindeer Feed comes in a collectible tin that can be saved or reused. The labels were designed with the help of Elf Ike and are an exclusive of Santa’s workshop.

  • Magic Reindeer feed
  • Contains Christmas tree flakes
  • Comes in collector’s tin
  • Contains oats
  • Stickers handcrafted by Santa
  • $5.95
This is just one of the items we sell! We have personalized letters from Santa and many Santa packages.
Check it out! Top Santa Letters

New Item- Rudolph Bell

May 28, 2012

We have over 10 new items from the North Pole this year. Elf Bob and I have been working very closely with the head Elves in Santa’s workshop and we’ve just put the finishing touches on a lot of our new items and just couldn’t wait to share! These new items are ones that Santa usually gives to the  top  100 children on the Good List but this year he has decided to share his new goodies with all the kids on the Good List! How exciting!!

Santa knows that almost everyone’s favorite reindeer is Rudolph. There is even a song just for him! Rudolph loves the spotlight and Santa loves to spoil him so this new item for this year is dedicated to the most spoiled reindeer there was, Rudolph.  Santa wanted those children who truly believe in Santa with all their heart to be able to have a part of the real Christmas magic and Rudolph’s sleigh bells are the key holders to some of the most precious Christmas magic there is. Only true believers of Santa can hear the ring of the bell. Although Santa keeps all the old reindeer bells, only Rudolph’s bells hold the sound of Christmas cheer.  Order a Rudolph Bell for your child today!

Rudolph Bell

Order an authentic Rudolph sleigh bell with leather strap. Hang bell on Christmas tree or put away as a keepsake. Your child will be glowing when they put the bell to their ear and hear the magical sound of Christmas ringing back. Only true believers can hear the magic ring of Rudolph’s bell. Limited quantity! Rudolph Bell makes a great addition to any letter from Santa.

  • Comes in red gift box
  • heavyweight brass sleigh bell
  • Includes story card
  • Topped with an exclusive sticker made by Rudolph
P.S. Can you guys believe there are only 210 days till Christmas? Holy Snowman, that’s coming up quick!

Happy New Year!

January 2, 2012

Hello everyone! Happy New Year! We hope all of you brought in the New Year safely.

We have so many new things coming Top Santa Letters this year. We will be adding new letters,  more backgrounds and lots of new products. We are so excited to also offer packages this year!  After almost a year of researching different items to sell in our packages we have finally decided what to add this year. Some of the items I am most excited about are the Limited Edition Authentic Santa Suit Pieces, Heavy brass Rudolph bells and Santa’s Official Sleigh Licenses. We put a lot of time into how to make each item of the highest quality. We also wanted most items to be as hand made. After buying multiple samples of packages the last few years we both felt it was many were “commercial” like. A lot of the items seemed processed in bulk and we wanted to stay away from that. I will be posting updates throughout the year about the new products as we put them together and all.

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Top Santa Letters opening date is December 1, 2011

November 28, 2011

That time of year is here again and we are so excited to finally be launching our Top Santa Letters website.  Our letters are 100% unique and created by Santa’s top elves. Each letter contains at least 5 personalization entries and is completely editable. Our personalized letters from Santa are printed on top quality ivory paper, signed by Santa, and mailed in a green envelope with gold labels addressed to your child.

The price of a personalized letter from Santa is $9.95.

Add a Good List Certificate to any letter for only $5.95.

Start a tradition this year buy ordering a letter from Santa.

Check out


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